Friday, September 18

Canadian among seven new suspected 2019-nCoV cases


KUCHING: A Canadian tourist is among the seven new 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Patient Under Investigation (PUI) cases reported in Sarawak yesterday.

In a statement, the State Disaster Management Committee said the Canadian tourist arrived at Mulu Airport and was referred to Miri Hospital after being screened by the Health Department team.

“Out of the new cases, three are at the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH), two in Bintulu, and one each in Sibu and Miri hospitals,” said the committee, adding the new cases were as of 10.30am.

The committee said the cumulative number of PUI cases in Sarawak from Jan 10 until yesterday stood at 67.

“They comprise 49 Malaysians, 15 Chinese nationals, and one Thai, one Indonesian, and one Canadian national.”

The committee noted that 51 had tested negative for 2019-nCoV, while 16 cases are still awaiting laboratory test results.

“Those pending the test results are nine Malaysian nationals (eight at SGH and one at Sibu Hospital), five Chinese nationals (three at SGH and two at Bintulu Hospital), one Thai national (Bintulu Hospital) and one Canadian national at Miri Hospital,” it said.

The committee added the Health Department had on Monday screened 5,984 arrivals at various air, land, and sea entry points statewide.

“The State Health Department advises those who fall sick (fever, coughing, and breathing difficulties) within 14 days after returning from China to seek immediate medical treatment.

“They must inform the doctors treating them of their travel history,” said the committee.

All doctors are to report any suspected cases to the nearest respective divisional/district Health Department using the notification form, or by sending an email to the Health Department Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre at, or by calling 082-443248.