Wednesday, March 3

Headmaster calls for permanent solution to haze


A lion dance performance during the Chinese New Year celebration at SK Kuala Baram 2.

MIRI: The federal government is urged to give serious attention to the haze problem that has been blanketing the area around Kuala Baram every year.

SK Kuala Baram 2 headmaster Mohammad Kindang hopes that Miri member of Parliament Dr Michael Teo will bring the matter to Parliament and get the attention of the relevant ministers to bring a permanent solution to the problem.

“Every year when dry season arrives, we worry about the haze that is caused by bush fires near SK Kuala Baram 2, as it would be hazardous to the health of our teachers and students,” he said at the Chinese New Year celebration at the school yesterday.

Present were Dr Teo, the school’s parent-teacher association (PTA) chairwoman Siti Khadijah Mohamad Salleh and senior assistant Saili Sait.

Dr Teo, in his speech, warned students and parents to be wary of the covid-19 epidemic by practising good personal hygiene, washing hands and wearing a nose mask if coughing or sneezing.

“If you find yourself having a fever and sore throat, do not go to school, but go to a doctor instead.

“Follow the doctor’s instructions, if you need to go through quarantine do not associate with friends and family members to prevent the disease from spreading, he advised.

Later, Dr Teo went around the school to assess the conditions of its facilities.

Currently, the school has more than 560 students, including students in special classes that were opened last year.

Dr Teo announced an allocation of RM5,000 for the school’s PTA.