Monday, April 6

Effective tips on forming a study group


STUDYING in a group can be an effective way of learning for some students as they can get more out of their study time by understanding with others. However, it can also be challenging as there are bound to be some disagreements, especially if everyone is feeling stressed out due to upcoming exams.

A good study group requires the right mix of motivated people with the right methods. Here are some effective tips you can apply when forming one.

Set the right size of study group

The first thing to do when forming a study group is to look for study buddies with the same interests.

Ideally, you do not need a lot of people, for a group of two to three people would suffice.

This is because if your study group gets too large, you will find it hard to manage as your buddies (and even yourself) may get easily distracted by activities unrelated to your studies.

Schedule your study session

It is important to schedule a specific time period for your study group. This is to prevent the study session from dragging too long and to ensure that you have not wasted anyone’s valuable time.

Appoint a moderator

The thing about studying in a group is that you may procrastinate, especially if you are surrounded by your friends.

Sometimes, rather than studying, you can be caught up doing something else such as gossiping or watching videos on YouTube.

So, assign a group member or yourself to moderate the study group. By having a moderator, you can keep everyone on track and not fall behind the study schedule.

Review what you have learned 

Before the study session starts, it is advisable for your study group to come prepared by identifying key points within the study materials that need to be covered.

Throughout the session, you can then discuss further and even quiz each other as if you are having an oral exam.

This is to ensure that you can identify areas within the study materials that you do not understand, upon which you can seek information and clarification by reviewing with your study buddies.

Reward yourself 

Since you will be spending a lot of time studying, it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated.

So, plan social activities for you and your study buddies to unwind and look forward to after each study session; for instance, watching a movie, playing games, or hanging out at your nearest shopping mall.

This is to keep the momentum going within your study group, as you and your buddies will be mentally prepared for the next study session.

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