Friday, August 14

Mara Skills Institute Bintulu wins silver medals in Bangkok


Safwan (left) and Zaeime (third left) receive a silver medal.

BINTULU: Mara Skills Institute (IKM) Bintulu won two silver medals at the Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition (Ipitex 2020) recently.

The medals were for two innovation projects – Adjustable Welders Arm Support (Awas) and Pyrolysis: From Plastic Waste to Petroleum Product.

IKM Bintulu team manager to Ipitex Zaeime Sulong @ Zakaria said the team gained very valuable experience during the international outing and the success they achieved is a milestone for IKM Bintulu.

“It will serve as a catalyst for employees and other students to work together to develop technology and create new innovations in the future,” said Zaeime.

“This proves that our organisation is capable of competing with technologically advanced countries and has proven that IKM Bintulu students are capable of generating ideas and creating innovations that meet the international standards.”

Awas was carried out by lecturers Mohd Luqman Harun, Husin Mahmad, and Roslan Saleh with students Fatin Nisraina Aiyuni Sapian, Mohd Nazrul Zuqira Mohd Fauzee, and Marcos Iten Meluda.

The project is a technology product that helps welders keep their arms in the same position.

The position and angle of the arm can also be adjusted according to the user’s comfort.

This automatic adjustable arm support tool helps to perform all types of welding with ease.

The Pyrolysis: From Plastic Waste to Petroleum Product project led by lecturer Safwan Hafizi Masakhoh involved students Aaron Anjat, Jacksion Simon, Manggie Meluda, and Sylvestian Saba Sipadinma.

It involves the process of breaking the polymer chain into a simple compound through heating or combustion without the presence of oxygen.

Plastic waste is decomposed and converted to fuel through the pyrolysis process.

The flammable plastic produces steam and vapours that move through a drainage pipe, which is then cooled to a liquid.

The fluid is stored in a storage tank and can be used as a fuel.

In addition, from the studies among the types of plastics that can be produced are Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

Both projects can be viewed on YouTube.