Sunday, September 19

Sarawak government issues compensation to 191 landowners


Awang Tengah (seated centre), Len Talif (on his right), recipients of land compensation cheques and others pose for a group photo.

SIBU: The Sarawak government yesterday distributed 201 compensation cheques totalling RM10,552,295.70 to 191 landowners involved in the proposed second trunk road package C2 (upgrading of Jalan Tanjung Genting from Tulai junction to Lanang bridge, Sibu).

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan said the payment of land compensation proved that the government did not seize the land as claimed by certain parties.

“The government pays fair and reasonable compensation to the landowners upon the acquisition of the land in accordance with the State Land Code (Chapter 81) and Article 13 of the Federal Constitution,” he said at the distribution of compensation cheques for the land project: Proposed construction second trunk road package C2: Upgrading of Jalan Tanjung Genting from Jalan Tulai to Lanang bridge, Sibu, here yesterday.

Assistant Minister of Urban Development and Resources Datu Len Talif Salleh, Deputy Sibu Resident Wong Hee Sieng and Sibu Division Land and Survey superintendent Kiu Chiong Chong were among those present.

Awang Tengah, who is also Second Urban Development and Resources Minister, said Sarawak government has always strived to maximize development for the convenience and well-being of the people, including in remote and rural areas.

He said the government’s efforts to redouble development in rural areas are in line with the intention of making Sarawak a developed state in the future.

The Second Main Road (2TR) project provides an alternative route to the Pan Borneo Coastal Road and Highway network.

The alternative route, the deputy chief minister added, could improve the movement of people by shortening the time and distance travelled from Kuching to Simanggang, Betong and Sibu.

The Second Main Road Project (2TR) package C comprises two sub-packages approximately 30km, including upgrading the Jalan Kelupu-Jalan Tanjung Genting – Lanang bridge, Sibu from two lanes to four lanes of JKR R5 highway.

With the completion of the mega project, Awang Tengah said, connectivity between towns, longhouses and villages in Sarawak will be smooth.

The people, he said, will enjoy the experience of driving along the long-awaited road network where travel time between them will be cut short and fuel savings.

He believed the road network will also improve the well-being of the people as productivity increases and accelerate Sarawak’s economic growth.

Awang Tengah, who is also Minister of International Trade, Industrial Terminal and Entrepreneur Development, added that the claims by some parties that the payment caused loss to the landowners, that the government seized the land, that the land was acquired without notice and without the payment of compensation, did not arise at all.