Sunday, October 17

Limbang, Lawas step up Covid-19 prevention at entry points


Superi (centre) presides over the Limbang District Disaster Committee meeting.

LIMBANG: Effective today all visitors coming in and out of Limbang and Lawas Districts must fill the Health Declaration Form (HDF) as a measure to prevent Covid-19 from spreading into the districts.

Limbang District officer and District chairman of the Disaster Committee, Superi Awang Said said the declaration forms are available at all border posts at Tedungan and Pandaruan, Limbang Airport, express jetty to Labuan and at the border post to Lawas.

“The existing standard operating procedure (SOP) is in force today, whereby all visitors coming in and out of Limbang and Lawas Districts must fill in the HDF forms and submitted them to the Immigration Department to ensure that that those who have been to the Covid-19 affected countries will be screened thoroughly besides monitoring the health status of the other visitors.

“At the same time, we are conducting health screening at the border posts and those who have been to the affected country will be given a special pass for close monitoring,” he said when contacted by the media after chairing the Limbang District Disaster Committee meeting today.

He said the SOP was enforced today after the disease was detected in neighbouring Brunei.

Superi said that all staff and officers on duty had been briefed on the risks involved so that they are well prepared to carry their tasks.

“We also learnt from the Rabies’ operations to prevent COVID-19 transmission and that each employee was briefed appropriately and all involved will be on high level of preparedness.

“The public is also advised to cooperate and understand the scenarios for example avoid spreading fake news concerning COVID-19 in the social media, so as not to complicate the situation,” he said.