Wednesday, July 6

Julau MP a ‘right choice’ for PKR Sarawak chairmanship, says Batang Sadong branch head


MIRI: The Batang Sadong branch of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) regards the appointment of Julau MP Larry Sng as the new chairman of PKR Sarawak as ‘a right choice’.

In this respect, PKR Batang Sadong chief Piee Ling hopes that with Sng’s considerable experience in Sarawak politics, he would be able to bring PKR Sarawak to the forefront, in view of preparations for the next state election, which could be held later this year.

“YB Sng’s selection was based on merit, in view of PKR being a multi-racial party. Combined with Abang Zulkifli Abang Engkeh as PKR Sarawak deputy chairman, it would certainly strengthen the party’s movement.

“Representing the grassroots of Batang Sadong, we will fully cooperate with YB Sng, who is also the eighth MPN (State Leadership Council) Sarawak chairman, and others in the council’s new line-up.

“It is hoped that all PKR members in Sarawak would give the space and opportunity to YB Sng to manage the party accordingly,” he added.