Tuesday, April 13

Rayong urges state govt to close borders to curb Covid-19


Dr Johnical Rayong Ngipa – File photo

KUCHING: Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) wants the state government to close the state’s borders and even look into limiting the movements of general public in order to curb the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) from further spreading within Sarawak.

The party’s Youth chief Dr Johnical Rayong Ngipa also said that with the announcement of the 20th positive Covid-19 case in the state, it is high time that the state government protect the Sarawak citizens and the weight the situation as most cases in Sarawak are imported case.

He also pointed out that visitors from Europe must also be barred from entering Sarawak as the current epicentre of Covid-19 is Europe.

“Large flocks of Europeans are coming into Sarawak for visit Sarawak 2020. I thus personally disagree with further introduction or encouragement of foreigners and even West Malaysians to visit our State,” he said in a press statement today.

Rayong also questioned why the state government is not imposing rule to block foreigners from coming to Sarawak by now as “one life is too much”.

Apart from that, Rayong said that he hopes that the government will look into extending school holidays to include child care centres and kindergarten.

Meanwhile, he also praised the State Disaster Management Committee for their fast action on the ever evolving situation regarding Covid-19.