Saturday, December 3

Blood bank uses new SOP to ensure safety of donors


MIRI: The Miri Blood Bank will continue to accept blood donation from the public to ensure there is sufficient supply but with the application of new standard operating procedure (SOP).

In a statement yesterday on its Facebook page, Miri Hospital director Dr Jack Wong said they would not reject any donor who wished to contribute blood.

“Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there are patients in hospital who are in need of blood transfusion every day for their survival. Thus, Miri Blood Bank is committed to make sure the blood supply is adequate for our patients.”

He said the preventive measures to be taken to ensure the safety of those donating blood are as follows: temperature screening for donor before entering mobile (donation) area; providing hand sanitiser at donation site that can effectively kill the virus; postponing donation for all donors who have respiratory tract infection for 14 days from last symptoms; and postponing donation for donors who recently visited affected countries for 14 days from date of return to Malaysia with or without symptoms.

The SOP will also make sure that the staff handling blood donation are not involved in managing Covid-19 patients.

The statement also mentioned that there will be no additional testing for Covid-19 in donors’ blood, as the virus transmission is said to be through respiratory droplets, and there has been no evidence that transmission is through transfusion.

Meanwhile, MRC Miri District Blood Donor Recruitment Committee deputy chairman and publicity officer Karambir Singh encouraged the people to continue to come forward to donate blood.

“With the updated SOP, the donor’s safety is ensured,” Karambir told The Borneo Post.

On average, there is a demand of about 8,000 pints of blood to meet the need for various cases, including emergency cases.

Miri Blood Bank also supplies blood to private hospitals in Miri as well as district hospitals in Marudi, Limbang and Lawas.