Monday, December 5

DBKU takes over management of Waterfront from SEDC


Abdul Hadi (front, fourth left) and Morshidi (fifth left) show the signed documents, signifying the handover of Kuching Waterfront management from SEDC to DBKU.

KUCHING: Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC Sarawak) has officially handed over the management of Kuching Waterfront to Kuching North City Commission (DBKU), following the recent signing of the deed.

The signatories at the event last Friday were SEDC group general manager Abdul Hadi Datuk Abdul Kadir and DBKU director Dr Morshidi Ahmad.

In his welcoming speech, Abdul Hadi said SEDC had managed Kuching Waterfront since its official opening in 1993.

According to him, the development of the 1.3km riverbank promenade was undertaken by the agency and over the years, it has served to be a popular self-contained venue with facilities available for entertainments, refreshments, relaxation, cultural enjoyment and arts appreciation.

In 2014, the Kuching Waterfront extension initiatives were implemented by SEDC – comprising the extension, reclamation and enhancement works on its facilities.

The works included an elevated walkway stretching 234m from the Riverbank Suites at the Padungan end of the waterfront, and also reclamation works that stretched it 73m further.

“It is hoped that the handover of Kuching Waterfront management to DBKU would further enhance the management and promotion of the facilities, which can attract scores of domestic and foreign tourists in the long run,” said Abdul Hadi.

He added that the handover was in line with SEDC’s strategic plans of consolidating its portfolios and focusing on major investments as well as projects.

“For the state, the change of management is also in line with its objective to streamline the roles and functions of various agencies and local authorities in order to be more focused.

“Such initiatives will ultimately lead to better services and enhanced performances in the long term.”