Saturday, August 20

10 suspects in viral video of men damaging car in Taman Hui Sing remanded for police probe


File photo for illustration purposes

KUCHING: Ten men aged between 16 and 41 were placed on a one-day remand to facilitate a police probe on a viral video of several individuals damaging a car at Taman Hui Sing here yesterday.

The suspects were brought before Magistrate Zaiton Anuar who ordered that they be produced again in court tomorrow.

In the 1.30pm incident yesterday, a group of men were seen in the footage using various tools and objects to damage a parked car after one of the suspects was allegedly unhappy after meeting with the victim over the cleaning of a gravesite where the suspect’s mother was laid to rest.

The group then proceeded to damage the car, which belonged to a nephew of the victim.

The suspect was also said to have allegedly demanded a compensation of RM12,400 from the victim.

Investigating officer Inspector Ammarsoffi Yusoff pleaded that these suspects be placed on remand for four days as more time was needed to complete the probe.

Several more suspects are still at large, the officer said.

The suspects’ counsel Lim Lian Kee however pleaded that they be released from lawful custody because of the Covid-19 fear factor.

“Since the government has declared the movement control order, I appealed that they are not to be placed on remand. The government too, does not allow more than 50 people to assemble at any one time and at any one place,” Lim said.

The police are investigating the case under Section 148 of the Penal Code.