Sunday, November 28

Restaurants, coffeeshops can operate but only for takeaway, food delivery – NSC


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KUCHING: Eateries are allowed to operate but only for takeaway and food delivery orders under the movement control order, the National Security Council (NSC) said.

It said this in a 21-point Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) today to address some of the concerns raised by the public about the first order of its kind to be implemented in the country.

“Can food shops such as fast food, restaurants and hawker centres be opened? Eateries can be opened but only for home takeaway or through food delivery services by certain companies such as Grab Food or Food Panda,” the statement said.

The NSC also said weddings can be held but the number of guests should be limited, adding that the wedding receptions have to be postponed until the Covid-19 outbreak in the country is over.

Among the other questions addressed by the NSC today were:

> I’m a Malaysian and my spouse is a United Kingdom national. Are we allowed to return to Malaysia during the movement control order period?
Yes as long as the spouse can prove his or her marriage registered either in Malaysia of the country of the spouse’s nationality.

> My son/daughter is studying overseas. Will he/she be allowed to return back to Malaysia?
Yes. All Malaysian nationals overseas are allowed to return back to Malaysia during the movement control order period. However they have to undergo medical screening and self-quarantine to reduce the risk of infection of infecting others.

> I am an employment pass holder in Malaysia and have returned to my country of origin. Am I allowed to go back to Malaysia during the movement control order period to continue my employment?
Only those migrant employees and expats working in essential services are allowed to enter Malaysia during the order period. They have to have a confirmation letter from their employers to be presented to the immigration officers at the entry points before being allowed to come into the country.

> I have planned a domestic holiday trip within the country and have made necessary payments. Can I proceed with my holiday trip?
Under the movement control order, you are not allowed to go anywhere prohibited and ordered to close such as tourist attractions for social activities, and trips that do not involve essential services. You are advised to cancel your trip.

> Can I drive to the airport to pick up a friend who is arriving from overseas, or relatives working in essential services?
Going to a place briefly is allowed under the movement control order.

> What about students staying in private higher learning institutions, especially international students?
All students of private higher learning institutions are instructed to return to their homes during the movement control order. International students are advised to return to their country of origin during this order period, and not allowed to return to Malaysia throughout the order period. International students who decided to stay in the country and stay in the private institution lodging facilities must report to the institution’s management and abide by the movement control order.

> Are public transportation such as public busses, LRTs, MRTs and trains allowed to continue operation?
All public transportation will be allowed to operate throughout the order.

> I have paid for my hotel stay for a planned trip schedule during the movement control order. Can I ask for a refund?
You are encouraged to get in touch with the hotel directly for refund processes.

> In case of death (not by Covid-19) at home, are funerals allowed?
Funerals can only be handled by next of kin with members of the religious organisation handling the funerals.