Wednesday, September 28

Authorities assure consistent, sufficient supply of food


The authorities have assured that the country has no issue with food supply. File Photo

KUCHING: Two authorities have assured consistent and sufficient food supply in Malaysia as the country fights Covid-19.

The Covid-19 Crisis Monitoring Operations Room and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries said in a joint statement yesterday that the country has no issue with food supply.

“The current stockpile of food in the market includes poultry, with the country having 59 million of chickens compared to the national monthly demand of 43 million,” said the statement.

The country’s stockpile of eggs stood at 800 million tonnes where the monthly consumption nationwide was 620 million tonnes.

According to the statement, Malaysia also has a stockpile of 534,005 tonnes of rice, where only 200,000 tonnes is consumed in a month.

On the stockpile of meat, the statement said Malaysia maintained 18,000 metric tonnes of supply, which fulfils demand; while the stockpile of fish was 185,000 metric tonnes although the country consumed only 155,000 metric tonnes per month.