Mosques in Miri adhere to MCO call to suspend all activities, including Friday mass prayer


A notice on the entrance of Masjid Darul Istiqamah in Kampung Luak, informing the public about its temporary closure.

MIRI: The mosques here are all compliant with the regulations outlined under the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO), which took effect on Wednesday and would run until this March 31 due to the present Covid-19 outbreak.

Yesterday marked the first time that mosques all over the country did not hold the weekly Friday mass prayer, in connection with the order for all mosques and suraus to cease all activities throughout the two-week period.

In this regard, the Muslims are advised to perform all five daily prayers at home and with respect to ‘Solat Jumaat’ (Friday mass prayer), they can proceed with the Zohor (afternoon) prayer also at home.

A survey on several mosques here yesterday morning showed that the management of these centres of worship complied with the order.

Nevertheless, a few committee members could be seen at the mosques here, mainly to conduct clean-up and disinfection on the premises and also to make sure that the ‘azan’ (call for prayers) would still be on.

“There are just a few of us are here to do some disinfection. In doing so, we observe strictly all the hygiene practices, like frequent hand-washing and maintaining social distancing,” said Shaikh Naeemmudin Shaikh Aminullah, the chairman of the committee of Masjid Darul Istiqamah in Kampung Luak near here.

According to him, Solat Jumaat is compulsory for all able-bodied Muslim men, but in certain dire situations where the health and safety of the congregation may be at stake, then they are relieved of the obligation to attend the mass prayer.

“It is quite sad for me, as a Muslim, to not be able to perform Solat Jumaat, but I do understand the current situation, which can be considered like a ‘darurat’ (time of great emergency).

“Let us all pray that Allah S.W.T. would make everything fine and for this situation to pass really soon.

“Perhaps, this period can serve to remind us of our blessings, and also to call us to always have faith in God,” said Shaikh Naeemmudin.