Wednesday, July 6

Tough action to make people MCO compliance – police


Beluran police manning one of the roadblocks questioning a motorist yesterday.

BELURAN: The police are taking serious action to ensure that all community around Beluran, Telupid and Paitan would follow the Movement Control Order (MCO), said Beluran District Police Chief, Superintendent Kasim Muda.

“We have decided to take several drastic actions after a meeting with the District Officer, Local Authority,

Health Department, the hospital, and Information Department to curb the spread of Covid-19.

“Only a few premises that are essential to the community will be operating during this time, including the gas station, grocery stores and restaurants (take-away) and they could only operate until 6pm. For wet market, they are only allowed to operate until noon.

Other than these few premises, other businesses are not allowed to operate,” he said.

He said the decision was made to show to the local community that the Covid-19 should not be taken lightly and the Government is very serious in stopping Covid-19 from spreading.

Kasim said that the police had conducted patrols, inspection, and also roadblocks and this would continue throughout the MCO period to ensure that the community understand and follow the order.

“These operations involve front-line officers and personnel. They conduct patrols, roadblocks, and spreading clear and accurate information on MCO, and ask for cooperation from the local community to limit their movement outside.

“Once again we ask for all the people to obey the MCO so that the police would not have to enforce the Police Act 1967,” he stressed.

Kasim asked those who found that they were experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 to go to the hospital for screening immediately.
“Do not hide the information so that Covid-19 would not spread,” he said.

Residents of Beluran, Telupid and Paitan with inquiries on MCO could contact the Beluran Heaquarters Police Station at 089-511222.