Friday, September 18

‘Anxiety and stress levels could worsen if MCO extended’


Dr Ismail Drahman

KUCHING: The anxiety and stress that the society experience during the two-week movement control order (MCO) could worsen if the directive is defied and further extended, said Mental Health Association of Sarawak president Dr Ismail Drahman.

As such, he called on everyone to understand that the directive is necessary to curb the spread of Covid-19 and everyone must obey it for the safety and well-being of all.

“When in this unprecedented situation, the psychological effects on society do exist, especially anxiety and depression. It is a common reaction when unforeseen circumstances threaten the safety and well-being of ourselves and of our family members.

“If we could follow the instructions of the authorities calmly and have confidence that what will be done will be able to mitigate this outbreak, then the anxiety and pressure on people in society will also be reduced,” he told The Borneo Post recently.

On a related note, Dr Ismail urged the public to be responsible and be cooperative in providing accurate information on places they have visited in the past 14 days and if they have been exposed to people with Covid-19 infection risk.

“We are all aware that the effects of this outbreak are enormous to ourselves and to the nation in general.

“If we do not aggressively fight it, many in our society will become infected, become ill, and may even die. Healthcare services may even become paralysed if too many become infected,” he said, warning of a worst-case scenario.

Dr Ismail also stressed the importance of personal hygiene.

“Each of us must take care of our personal hygiene, reduce contact with people in public, and always wear a face mask when in public.

“If there is no important business to be outside, just stay at home for the entire 14 days,” he advised.

Meanwhile, the association on its official Facebook page apologised for not being able to answer calls as their centres are closed due to the MCO.

Counselling services have also been suspended temporarily.

However, the public can still reach the association by emailing [email protected]

Alternatively, follow the Mental Health Association of Sarawak Facebook page for announcements and informative posts.