Thursday, July 2

Supermarkets limit number of customers


CKS among supermarkets limiting the number of customers allowed into the premises.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah supermarkets have started limiting the number of customers entering their premises to enforce social distancing.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin recently announced the enforcement of Movement Control Order (MCO) to halt the spread of Covid-19, but people were still allowed to leave their homes to shop for basic necessities.

CKS Supermarket, in its official Facebook said all customers need to have their temperature checked, hands sanitized before entering the premises.

Shoppers without masks are not allowed to enter.

“All customers are required to cover their nose and mouth using face mask or fabric or face cloth and etc when they are inside the premises at all times.

“For the safety of our employees and the rest of the shoppers, we will restrict the number of entries and will prohibit entries if any customer does not meet this requirement. Children under 12 years old and pregnant women are not allowed entry at all.

“We would like take this opportunity to thank customers who have followed this without any dispute and would like to seek understanding from the rest of shoppers,” it said.

Since there were no face masks available at the market as of yesterday, some shoppers in CKS Tuaran were seen covering their nose and mouth with towel.

G-Mart is also limiting the number of customer numbers.

According to its Facebook, all its 17 branches are operating from 8am to 5pm during this MCO period, starting yesterday.

Two buckets of water and soap at the entrance to G-Mart Rugading for shoppers to wash their hands.

The Borneo Post’s visit to G-Mart Rugading saw two buckets of water and soap being placed at the entrance for the shoppers to their wash hands.

Although shoppers without masks are allowed to enter, they limit the number of people that can come in.

“We remind our shoppers to observe social distancing in the store and we also place tape near the counter, to remind those queuing up about this.

“At the entrance, there is someone explaining that we may from time to time limit the number of people that can actually come in,” said one of the workers.