Tuesday, April 13

Smaller crowd at supermarkets despite renewed shopping spree


A customer from Kampung Kabong shopping for three families met by The Borneo Post at a supermarket here this morning

SARIKEI: There was renewed surge in shopping here as the people rushed replenish their stock of daily essentials in anticipation of the extension of movement control order (MCO) to another 14 days.

However, the number of shoppers was limited by the directive that only one per family is allowed to go out to buy food and other essential items.

Normally, supermarkets were crowded on every pay day, but despite today being pay day for those in the public services, the crowd was small compared to previous pay days.

Another factor contributing to less crowded supermarkets was some families sought their neighbours’ help to do the shopping for them.

A customer from a village in a neighbouring District, Kampung Kabong met by The Borneo Post at a supermarket here this morning was seen filling three baskets while ticking three shopping lists.

“I am shopping for three families and have to spend quite some time to pick up all the items. As I am not familiar with some of the items, I have to seek help from the sales staff,” he said.