Thursday, July 2

Every family to receive food in Tg Aru


A response team receiving the food to be distributed to the families in Tanjung Aru.

KOTA KINABALU: A Tanjung Aru Covid-19 Response Team has been set up to ensure every single family in the Tanjung Aru constituency will receive food pack aid.

Tanjung Aru assemblyman Datuk Junz Wong yesterday said the aid will be distributed in phases to residents in areas like Sembulan and Pulau Gaya.

“The distribution will be in phases. We have packed and distributed about 1,800 to date. A thousand and five hundred packs have been sent to the more severely affected families on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Today, another 300 packs have been sent out to residents in Sembulan Lama.

“Tomorrow, we will be sending about 2,000 food packs to Pulau Gaya as they too are in a ‘lockdown’. The exercise will be continued consistently in the coming days according to zones and areas.”

Junz advised Tanjung Aru residents to be patient and remain vigilant as there are sufficient food supplies.

“Do not panic or worry. There are sufficient food supplies. I will make sure every family receive a food pack each.

“Each zone has been designated their respective persons in charge. For those who did not receive their food packs, please contact these people.”

Tanjung Aru Covid-19 Response Team
1. 014-3561502 (UPPM Yunus)
2. 014-6510943 (Sam)
3. 014-9901424 (Atikah)

Pulau Gaya Covid-19 Response Team
1. 012-8166522 (MPKK Imam Sairi)
2. 017-2123521 (Haniesha)

For those staying in Sembulan, the food aid packages will be distributed by the following persons in charge:
Sembulan Tengah 0168403868 (Amat Bin Mani)
Sembulan Lama: 01120660710 (Alimat)
Jalan Masjid: 088-225082 (Janir Adam)
Sembulan Lama Laut: 013-8045594 (Hamidah)
MPKK Quarters: 013-8561986 (Ahmat Mohri)
Ming Garden: 0112-0660710 (Alimat)
Block C: 014-6760864 (Astura)
Kampung Nelayan: 017-8127161 (Wahab)
Block A: 013-8561986 (Ahmat Mohri)
Sembulan Baru: 0168227091 (Ahmad Ali)