Saturday, August 20

Making full use of time at home under the MCO


Wong cooks lunch for her family.

Vui plants vegetables in the backyard.

MIRI: Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) to stop the spread of Covid-19 came into effect on March 18, many Mirians have decided to ensure their time spent at home is used productively.

Primary school teacher Esther Wong is using the time to improve her skills in the kitchen.

“Ever since I started working, I’ve honestly never stayed at home for 24 hours due to schoolwork. Most of my spare time has been spent serving the people and rarely with my family,” said the Sarawak United People’s Party Lambir Youth chairlady.

“But because of this MCO, and as a Malaysian, I have to give full cooperation to the government by staying at home.”

Wong revealed that she made a deal with her mother to be the cook throughout the MCO.

“Actually, I like to cook. But since I have always been busy with work, I have no time to cook except during Chinese New Year and the school holidays. I am not a great cook, but I can say that everything that I have cooked throughout this MCO period has been finished by my family members,” said Wong.

“I’ve used the time I have now to learn how to cook various kinds of food and also develop my own recipes. The recipes I have created come from my own inspiration. Compliments from family members have also given me the confidence to continue cooking.”

She added that cooking for her loved ones has brought her much joy.

“There are 366 days in this year but only now I can spend 24 hours with my family members. So, I really appreciate the moments we cherish together today.

“Cooking for your family is not a difficult thing as it also strengthens family bonds,” she said.

For electrical services company clerk Kelvin Vui, the MCO period is a time to invest in the garden.

“I can spend more time on my plants, which are not growing healthily, throughout this MCO period.

“Besides avoiding boredom, I can say that the time has been spent wisely for planting rather than just for eating and sleeping. It can also make me sweat,” he said.

“I can also spend more quality time with my family, indulging in the fresh produce that we have been enjoying so much.”

Since the MCO came into force on March 18, fitness trainer Saiful Bahri has been conducting live streaming workout sessions daily.

“So far, many have joined my live workout sessions. They are not only from Miri, but also those from Brunei, Peninsular Malaysia, and Singapore,” he said.

Saiful has also used the time for his online food delivery service.

“The demand for our healthy meals has now reached those living in Senadin, Lutong, and Pujut. Thankfully everything went smoothly.

“Our team members have also assisted the needy, including single mothers and the needy. Hopefully everything that we do can last throughout this MCO period,” he said.

The second phase of the MCO will end on April 14.

Saiful demonstrates a workout for his online viewers.