Wednesday, September 30

Public asked to dump used face masks, gloves properly


A face mask and rubber gloves were among the litter collected by a cleaner. — Photos by Naing Lunggor

A worker under Naing’s supervision picks up a face mask dumped by the roadside.

KUCHING: Cleaning service contractors here have called on the public to be more responsible and not to dispose of their used face masks and rubber gloves indiscriminately.

Site supervisor Naing Lunggor said as an essential service, the contractors still have to work during the movement control order (MCO) time restriction of 7pm to 7am.

“They have to do their job but at the same time, they are faced with the risk of catching the Covid-19 virus from picking up after people who just indiscriminately discarded face masks and rubber gloves,” he said.

He claimed that one of the areas where many of the discarded items are found is a parking lot in front of a supermarket at Mile 7.

“It seems that the people there, especially the customers of the supermarket, when they enter their vehicle after a round of shopping, take off their face mask and rubber gloves, and just throw them out their window before driving off,” he said when contacted.

He urged the public to throw their used face masks and rubber gloves into proper waste bins, or bring them home for proper disposal.

Naing urged the local council to issue a strict warning to the public on indiscriminate disposal of their used personal protective equipment (PPE).

Fellow cleaning service site supervisor Jay, who looks after the cleanliness of the shophouses near Desa Wira and MJC Batu Kawah, said he often sees parking lots and even roadsides littered with used face masks and rubber gloves.

Because of that, he said workers under his supervision are facing the risk of infection from the discarded PPE.

“Could be people throwing them out of their cars. I urge them to please cooperate to ensure the cleanliness of Kuching. Do not throw your used PPE indiscriminately,” he said.

“We in this cleaning service company do not have dedicated waste disposal centres or landfills like Trienekens. We sweep up the litter and throw them into the public bins.”