Wednesday, June 16

MMA calls for incentives to be given to media practitioners for keeping public informed


File photo showing reporters undergoing a health check at Wisma Bapa Malaysia when they arrived for a press conference. – Photo by Muhammad Rais Sanusi

KUCHING: Media should be given incentives for their key role in educating and keeping the community informed of Covid-19 updates, said Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president Dr N Ganabaskaran.

In proposing this today, he said that MAA thanked the media for their important role in helping to educate and keep the country well informed of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our local media have been providing us with detailed coverage on the Covid-19 situation in the country.

“Thanks to their hard work, everyone in the country is consistently updated and informed,” he said in a press statement.

Dr Ganabaskaran said media’s work had also played a key role in enabling better control and management of the infectious disease.

As such, he felt that the government should give employees working with the media a special incentive for their invaluable service in this time of crisis.

“Like our healthcare workers, they are also fighting this pandemic for the nation by providing the public all the information they need.

“It is of great importance for the public to regularly check for updates from the media as there are new developments almost every hour concerning the Covid-19 situation in the country,” he added.