Tuesday, October 20

Sheda Bintulu welcomes additional RM10 bln for stimulus package


Noel Yek

BINTULU: The additional RM10 billion injected into the stimulus package is like a pain killer for many small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

In stating this, Deputy chairman of Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (Sheda) Bintulu, Noel Yek, said due to the Movement Control Order to stem the outbreak of Covid-19, the SMEs have suffered from zero business operations, zero cash flow and mounting expenses that are difficult to repay in due time.

“Many people may have realised this Covid-19 is not only affecting the health individually but also accelerates the economic crisis worldwide.

“We are also hoping the government could be more flexible in delaying any form of corporate or individual tax payments, pressuring banks to be lenient in approving loans and also reducing tedious layers of administrative works in all government agencies,” Yek told The Borneo Post when asked about the Prihatin package for SMEs (Additional Measures) announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin recently.

Yek believed with these, Malaysian business owners and the workforce could work more productively resulting in better cash flow recoveries and most importantly have the money
to spend and revive the economy.

“Government, employers and employees shall work together and no doubt will have better understanding towards each other to move our country forward,” Yek said.

Noting that that the Prime Minister has said ‘what is important is that the rights and welfare of both parties must always be protected’, Yek said it means there is support from the government to all parties involved in businesses and the workforce, which definitely is good for economic growth in the short to medium term.

In his announcement, the Prime Minister said the additional RM10 billion would not only ease the burden of the SMEs but also ensure they fully benefit from all the measures previously announced.