Sunday, November 27

RM6 mln to upgrade Pitas road – Peter


Peter (left) and Bolkiah (second left) taking a look at the food aid before distributing to the needy in Kampung Salimpodon.

PITAS: Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Peter Anthony yesterday announced RM6 million allocation to upgrade Jalan Salimpodon Darat, here.

Peter, who handed over food aid to the villagers in Kampung Salimpodon, here, said the upgrading work would start after the extended Movement Control Order (MCO) was over.

“After the MCO period is over, I hope upgrading works for Jalan Salimpodon Darat will start as soon as possible.

Although many infrastructure developments have been postponed due to the increasing number of Covid-19, “All we want is to stop the chain and come back to work without risking our health.”

“Pitas is one of the districts that need attention, not only road upgrade but also water supply, where the current plant is unable to cope with the needs of the increased population,” he said.

Peter said since the proposed new plant would need two to three years to complete, temporary water tanks were needed to ensure enoughy water for people in the district.

At lease eight million litres per day (MLD) are needed in Pitas but the current plant is only capable of treating about half the amount of water.

“That is why I am suggesting the water storage to be increased by at least three MLD. Hopefully. it can help water distribution until the new proposed plant is completed,” he said adding that his ministry would be replacing the current plant’s generator set costing RM350,000.

Pitas assemblyman Datuk Bolkiah Ismail, who was also present at the event, thanked Peter for his commitment in helping him to approve the road upgrade in Kampung Salimpodon and also the temporary measures to give more water tanks to increase water storage in Pitas.

“The minister actually came here today, it is like killing three birds with one stone,” Bolkiah said, adding: “‘Peter helped us with road upgrade, water storage and also giving food to the needy.”

Peter also handed over several set of food aid to members of the Sino KDM Association Pitas.