Wednesday, November 29

Public not keen on getting haircut during MCO


Albert Lai

KUCHING: Not everyone agrees with the greenlight given to hair salon and barbershops to operate during the current Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Some members of the public, who were interviewed yesterday, opined that having haircuts was not ‘immediately necessary’ during this time.

Kathleen Wong, 50, said she would rather wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to be over.

“Even after the MCO is lifted, we still need to practise good hygiene, social distancing and other precautions.

Albert Lai

“Furthermore, the guidelines for salon operators are very vague – like how do they sanitise their equipment and furniture, and how would they control large number of customers,” added the insurance agent, who is a mother of three.

Self-employed Albert Lai, 35, felt lucky to have his hair cut before the MCO and thus, he was in no rush for it, despite having a cousin who is a hairdresser and lives nearby.

“Personally, I feel that hair salons do not need to open yet as there are safety issues and perhaps, (there are) not many customers during this period — maybe after April 28, they can open,” he said.

Sophia Kelly Yahya

Meanwhile, 40-year-old housewife Sophia Kelly Yahya suggested that hair salon operators, who opted to open during MCO, would do haircuts only via appointments, as a way to minimise crowding.

“Actually, I was a bit sceptical upon hearing the news about hair salons being allowed to open for haircuts during MCO.

“The salon workers should consider wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) when attending to customers,” said Sophia, adding that her family members had been doing hair colouring and treatment by themselves at home.