Tuesday, April 13

How adaptable are you?


IN today’s rapidly changing world, adaptability is one of the most valued and highly sought after soft skills.

Essentially, adaptability is a person’s ability to alter his or her actions, direction, or approach to doing something – to be able to adjust to different conditions or create changes within an environment.

Whether we have it naturally or we develop it through experience, our ability to adapt is vital especially during periods of uncertainty.

This is because in our studies, work, and life, we need to be able to adjust and overcome these uncertainties in order to forge ahead, even if it means making difficult decisions.

By being receptive to change, we will then build the resilience towards future challenges, thus making ourselves more open to new things and enhancing our overall personal well-being.

If you are unsure of how adaptable you are, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you curious?

Adaptable people tend to keep learning, more so with new opportunities where they want to understand how and why certain things function. If you have immense curiosity, you will have greater awareness and comprehension, and that will enhance your personal development.

Do you like to experiment?

If you are adaptable, you are more likely to try out new ideas and methods because you choose to do it rather than being forced into it.

Do you keep an open mind?

You should have an open mind if you tend to be curious and like to experiment. You are able to look at the big picture of a situation and are more ready to listen to different views to gain more context.

Are you afraid of failure?

Failure can happen throughout your life, but if you look at failures as opportunities to learn and grow, and you are willing to change your perspective, then you are most likely to be adaptable.

Are you resourceful?

Adaptable people ensure that they are able to try various solutions to tackle problems and challenges. If one does not work, the adaptable you will come up with another solution, thereby boosting your creativity.

Do you talk to yourself?

If you have high adaptability, you tend to engage in positive self-talk whenever you are faced with difficulties. Sentences like ‘I can do it’ or ‘If I make a mistake, I can always try again’ are very much part of your mantra.

Do you know where you stand?

Being adaptable means knowing your own values and priorities. You are more likely to believe that being stagnant does not help you grow and change is inevitable.

You are therefore physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to adapt to your surroundings and the times.

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