Monday, August 10

Tips for effective online learning


TO stop the spread of Covid-19, the country has been put under the Movement Control Order (MCO).

And with the MCO in place, there are more people, especially youths, who are spending their time on online classes to learn new skillsets.

Unlike the conventional classroom approach that we are used to, online learning is convenient in that you do not need to be physically present in a classroom, but it also requires you to have self-discipline, strong motivation, and willpower.

Here are some tips to help you stay focussed with your online learning.

Create a study space

Online learning can be done anywhere, whether it is in your bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen.

However, when you decide to use either of these spaces at home, you need to make sure that it is quiet, organised, and available.

As online learners, you also need a space that enables you to automatically ‘switch’ your brain into learning mode because your study environment will have a big effect on your study routine.

Eliminate distractions and stay motivated

To fully commit to the online learning process, you need to dedicate a significant amount of time and be consistent when taking lessons.

For that, you should eliminate any distraction from your study space to be able to study online effectively. This includes asking the people around you to respect your space and time, switching off your phone, and logging out from all social networking accounts.

Apart from that, you should try not to study in areas where you might be tempted to take breaks, such as the bed and sofa.

Actively participate

It is difficult to be actively engaged during online learning as there is no real interaction between participants.

Thus, to be an active online learner, take down notes on your lessons to get yourself actively thinking and extend your attention span.

To make online learning more involved with your fellow online classmates, you can initiate discussions, include lessons with video and audio clips, and suggest some hands-on exercises.

Remember to take breaks

Like the conventional learning style, you can
feel tired while studying online.

So it is important to incorporate break time in your study routine for an effective online learning process.

When doing so, make sure that you leave your study space as you need to have a change of scenery.

Mild physical activity can also help you reenergise, maintain balance, and clear your mind.

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