Sunday, October 17

Dr Annuar: State govt’s decision in not implementing Conditional MCO a move in right direction


Dr Annuar Rapaee

SIBU: Assistant Minister of Local Government and Housing Dr Annuar Rapaee has described the state government’s decision in not implementing the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) as a move in the right direction to ensure that the people will remain vigilant against Covid-19.

He expressed his concern that the easing of the restrictions might prompt some people to let their guard down and become complacent.

He also warned the people of the clear and present danger posed by the virus.

In fact, Dr Annuar said an independent poll was created in an online portal’s Facebook page yesterday and a total of 87 per cent of the 4,300 respondents disagreed that the restrictions under the Movement Control Order (MCO) should be relaxed.

“Although we have flattened the curve for new cases and also the active cases which is good news for the frontliners, the flattening of the curves is not enough and we would like to see it sustained in dipping of the curves.

“Therefore, the state government’s decision although might jeopardise the economy, majority of Sarawakians feel health and safety is more important than anything else,” he added.

Dr Annuar said: “With due respect for our capacity and the tireless efforts of frontliners since the MCO, any stepdown (relaxation) should be (done in) very careful (manner).

“Additionally, the on-going return of the students from Peninsular Malaysia do not augurs well if the state implements CMCO.”

Towards this end, Dr Annuar also stressed that the measures stipulated in the CMCO needed to be fully enforced so that the people would fully adhere to them.

Otherwise, he said the people would take things for granted and let their guard down.