Tuesday, September 28

State Legislative Assembly passes two Supplementary Supply Bills


Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas

KUCHING: The Supplementary Supply (2019) Bill, 2020 and Supplementary Supply (2020) Bill, 2020 were passed during the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting today.

Both Bills, which were read for the second and third time by Second Finance Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas were not objected by members of the august House

The two Bills required a total additional sum of RM681,491,777 for expenditure which were not included in the State Budget 2020.

Uggah said under Supplementary Supply (2019) Bill, 2020, the Second Supplementary Estimates of Ordinary Expenditure, 2019, comprises an additional sum of RM299,171,014.

“This additional expenditure is to meet the cost of various ministries and departments for which the funds were not provided for or insufficiently provided for in the 2019 estimates,” he said when tabling the Supplementary Supply (2019) Bill, 2020.

As for the Second Supplementary Estimates of Ordinary Expenditure, 2019, he said the total additional allocation required is RM21,176,380.

“As presented therein, there are 41 sub activities and 54 sub-sub activities for which the additional provisions are required.

“The amount required has been fired from savings among the subheads concerned or advance from Contingencies Advance,” said the Deputy Chief Minister.

He explained that the additional allocation is to meet heads of expenditure comprising land infrastructure, riverine infrastructure, government buildings, public buildings, public utilities, land compensation and residential extension, urban development, local authorities, natural and cultural heritage, public finance, planning and development, knowledge society development, drainage and irrigation, tourism, social development, and social welfare.

On the Supplementary Supply (2020) Bill, 2020, Uggah said the First Supplementary Estimates of Ordinary Expenditure, 2020, comprised an additional sum of RM382,320,763.

Out of the amount of this additional expenditure, he said RM65,906,000 will be for the Special Financial Assistance for federal government civil servants working in Sarawak for the year 2019; RM45,300,000 for the Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) to meet the operating expenses including allowances to chairman and secretary of JKKK; RM28 million for the purchase of six unit vessels for the security of Sarawak Coast Guard (SCG), and RM50 million for the rebuilding and repair of the dilapidated longhouses in 2020.

He also said a total of RM129,838,475 was required as state grant to 26 local authorities for the period of 2016 to 2019 to compensate for the loss of revenue as a result of the reduction in assessment rates for residential properties which took effect from 2016.

“RM4,705,000 is required for the implementation of Kenyalang Gold Card programme to enhance the well-being and welfare of Sarawakians aged 60 years and above; and RM3,516,500 is required as financial assistance for treatment of Sarawakian kidney patients,” he added.

A sum of RM30,473,140 was required for subsidy on electricity connection charges for low-income households in the urban areas throughout Sarawak and RM8 million for subsidy on the free water scheme particularly for the rural community in the state.

Another RM3,906,170 is required to cater for Rabies Control and Elimination Programme in 2020 and RM12,675,478 is for the implementation of a flat rate bus fare of RM1 per trip per person for all urban public bus transport in Sarawak for the year 2020, said Uggah.

On the First Supplementary Estimates of Ordinary Expenditure, 2020, Uggah said an additional allocation of RM788,900,000 is required.

He said out of this amount, RM314,700,000 is required by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Port Development to implement various projects such as Jalan Sg Bidut/Kampung Tutus/Kampung Sebedil/Kampung Bungan Kecil, Sibu division amounting to RM32,500,000; construct road from Sibu Jaya to Jalan Kong Yit Khim in Sibu (RM34 million); proposed upgrading and rehabilitation of Belaga to Menjawah Road in Kapit (RM39 million); construction of Jalan Rantau Panjang/Rassau at Batang Igan Phase 1 (RM19,200,000); proposed Sg Limbang Bridge, Sg Bunut No.2 Bridge and connecting roads in Limbang (RM30 million); proposed balance Cantilever Bridge over Batang Kemena at Sebauh, Bintulu (RM20 million); proposed upgrading of the existing eight bailey bridges along Lundu-Sempadi Road in Kuching (RM40 million); and replacement of temporary council bridges (RM34 million).

“A total of RM50 million is required by the Ministry of Utilities for the implementation of Electricity Supply Project to schools which are not connected to the grid while the Ministry of Urban Development and Natural Resources requires RM37 million for the implementation of redevelopment of Kampung Datu, Kuala Lawas, Limbang (RM25 million) and impelemtnation of Kampung Sungai Bedaun, Kuching placement project (RM12 million),” he said.

Uggah, who is also Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development Minister, said RM10 million is required by his ministry for the implementation of the proposed site preparation, earthworks and infrastructure works at RGC Long Lama in Miri.

“RM132,200,000 is required by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to complete contractually committed projects namely the implementation of Miri regional sewage plant and sewer piper network (Phase 1) amounting to RM88.9 million and the construction of Miri City Hall amounting to RM43.3 million.

“RM95 million is required by the state financial secretary for the implementation of the RMM construction at Darul Hana (RM30 million); RMM construction at Ranggau, Limbang (RM15 million) and grant to Mutiara Mortgage Sdn Bhd (RM50 million),” he said.

He also said the state secretary requires RM150 million for the implementation of various ongoing ‘Projek Rakyat’ throughout the state.