Saturday, June 6

Don’t compare quarantine centres to hotels, homes


Christina Rundi

KOTA KINABALU: The public should not compare the existing quarantine centres to hotels or their homes, said State Health Department director Datuk Dr Christina Rundi.

She said the public should instead look at the bigger picture to focus on how the state can overcome the Covid-19 outbreak rather than focusing on the ‘discomfort’ experienced by certain individuals.
“We only saw one or two people complain on social media while the others did not even say anything. We then base our assumptions on these complaints. This is what is happening right now,” Rundi todl reporters when met during an event at Luyang Health Clinic yesterday.
“These quarantine centres may seem unsuitable to some; but others may have no problems with it,” she said.
Rundi pointed out that the quarantine centres had to be set up overnight due to the spike in cases and therefore its quality should not be compared to hotels.

She said the public should think about the frontliners as they were the ones who had been working tirelessly to ensure that the patients in the quarantine centres were taken care off.

“Everyone has a responsibility. To be quarantined for 14 days is your contribution,” she stressed, adding that the complaints would only make the department’s job more difficult.

Commenting on the upcoming Hari Raya festivities, Rundi reminded all those who would be celebrating to celebrate responsibly.

“Covid-19 changes the way we do things. It changes the way we celebrate…the outbreak is not over yet,” she said.