Tuesday, October 19

Timely for GPS parties to reassess pact with PBB, says Baru


Baru Bian

KUCHING: Selangau MP Baru Bian has urged the ‘weaker’ component parties of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) to reconsider their alliance with Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), claiming that there was imbalance in the distribution of power in the coalition.

Reacting to the recent confirmation that GPS was now part of the Perikatan Nasional government, Baru said in a statement it was very obvious that GPS federal ministers and deputy ministers were all from PBB except for one deputy minister.

“Clearly the distribution of power is very unequal in the Sarawakian alliance called GPS.

“Were all GPS leaders consulted before the MoU was signed? Or were the others expected to meekly go along with their big brother PBB’s decisions?” he said, referring to the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by political parties to back the formation of Perikatan Nasional last week.

Besides PBB, the other GPS members are Sarawak United People’s Party, Parti Rakyat Sarawak and Progressive Democratic Party.

Baru said he was puzzled by why GPS leaders themselves were baffled over the MoU signed by the various parties in PN to affirm the coalition’s formation.

He said the puzzlement of those GPS leaders who said they were not aware of the MoU gave rise to many questions.

“Are they so clueless that they do not know what they were signing? That would be a huge worry for Sarawakians. The GPS government has just signed an agreement with Petronas – did they know what they were signing then?

“Or could it be that those few baffled GPS leaders were unaware because someone from among them just signed the MoU without the agreement of those baffled?,” he asked.

Baru, who is also Ba Kelalan assemblyman, said the Chief Minister had said in June 2018 that PBB could be destroyed in the 2021 state elections if it did not distance itself from Barisan Nasional (BN) and announced they would no longer be part of BN.

“In March this year, the Chief Minister did a U-turn and announced that GPS would be supporting the backdoor government in the form of PN plus GPS.

“Effectively, that was a statement that GPS had decided to support Umno again, after two years of their anti-Umno, anti-Malaya grandstanding,” he said.

Baru said it was very obvious for the ordinary Sarawakians that when GPS supported Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as Prime Minister, they were one and united as the PN government.

“You are officially married to all the members of PN, especially Umno and PAS that you had in the past condemned. Now you are claiming that you are not married? Or not officially married?” he pointed out.

“GPS, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. Sharing a bed with Umno/PAS and yet insisting that you are not married is too absurd for Sarawakians to swallow.”

The former PKR Sarawak chief said it was time for Sarawakians to seriously ponder and consider if they are willing to trust their future to GPS if they do not want to face puzzlement over their future and that of Sarawak.

“It is also time for the ‘weaker’ component parties of GPS to seriously reassess if they should continue in this unequal alliance with PBB and its ‘one is more equal than the rest’ concept of partnership,” he asserted.