Tuesday, August 11

‘SMK Kidurong well prepared for reopening’


Rosli (left) shows what has been done in the school to meet the SOP.

BINTULU: SMK Kidurong is taking all the necessary safety measures and adhering to standard operating procedures (SOP) in preparation for its opening although no decision has been made by the government, says its principal Rosli Saleh.

“The school now has a clear picture of what to expect. I am confident we are well prepared for a reopening in a safe environment,”he said of their preparation for the reopening of Form 5 and 6 classes.

He, however, said he did not know when schools would reopen.

“What we are doing now is based on the possibility that Form 5 and 6 classes would be allowed to resume, which would require 16 to 17 students in each classroom in keeping with the social distancing order.

Hand washing sinks are also provided for students to regularly wash their hands.

“It would mean that we will have to increase the number of classes from the current 14 to 28 or 29 classes,” he said.

SMK Kidurong has about 400 Form 5 students, and together with Form 6 classes they would have about 500 students. In total, the school has 2,500 students and 177 teachers.

Rosli said among others, the school would emphasis on social distancing, high personal hygiene and students’ compliance with the new normal.

“The students would be divided into several groups to make it easier for the teachers to monitor them.

“Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced on March 18, the school has prioritised online teaching through Google Classroom, Whatsapp and other social media platforms to help them connect with students, the latest being Education TV provided by the Ministry of Education.

The floor is marked with directional signs for students to follow.

“However, about 60 per cent of students here are under the B40 group so there were always constraints,” said Rosli.