Tuesday, December 7

Resident leads senior government officers to check on Ulu Baleh


Nyurak (front row centre) and the team before setting off to Ulu Baleh.

KAPIT: A team of senior government officers led by  Kapit Resident Nyurak Keti left for Ulu Baleh yesterday to visit Camp Rose Tapah Megah to follow-up  a recent visit led by Ulu Rajang Member of Parliament Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong to Rantau Panora and Long Singgut.

Nyurak said the two-day visit is to check on the frequent illegal crossings of Indonesians through ‘jalan tikus’ (jungle paths) from Kalimantan to Baleh.

To stop these illegal entries two platoons of PGA (Police General Operation Force) have been deployed to guard strategic points in Ulu Baleh at Rantau Paneroa Long Singgut and Camp Rose Tapah Megah through which the foreigners usually cross before making their way through a 280 kilometer logging road to here.

Stopping these illegal border crossings has become more urgent since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nyurak said the team would meet the PGA personnel stationed at the camps to find out more about what they are facing in manning these outposts.

Camp Rose Tapah Mega is about two hours’ journey drive the Indonesian border and Long Nawang Kenyah settlement with a population of about 3, 000 is located just across the border.

The Indonesian army has a baseand military airstrip at Long Nawang.

Among those in the group of government officers are Kapit Deputy Resident Galong Luang, Kapit District Officer Cerisologo Sabut, Bukit Goram District Officer Douglas Pungga, Road engineer Public Works Department Kapit Kilat Naipok, Special Branch Officer Sarawak Police Contingent DSP Chua Su Hua and Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing’s administrative officer Robert Liman.