Sunday, March 7

Welfare dept records more men seeking tele-counseling during Covid-19 pandemic


An infographic provided by the Rehabilitation and Legislation Division of the Sarawak Social Welfare Department.

KUCHING: Men have made up the majority of those who sought out tele-counselling from the Sarawak Social Welfare Department (JKMS) since it went public on March 24, said its Rehabilitation and Legislation Division head Mohd Ali Taib.

Out of the total 151 clients recorded up to today, he divulged that 94 were men while the remaining 57 were women.

“We opined that there were more men than women because men are more susceptible to contract Covid-19 since they are working outside their homes. The men were also worried that they would contract the virus and that they could not provide for their families.

“With reference to the Person-Under-Investigation (PUI) and Person-Under-Surveillance (PUS) cases by the state Health Department, it is found that more men are involved in the cases compared to women,” he said when contacted by The Borneo Post today.

Mohd Ali also pointed out that 97 out of the total number of clients consisted of PUI/PUS clients, JKMS staff members (40 people) while the remaining 14 were community clients.

“Out of the total number of clients, 51 clients expressed their concerns, 17 talked about their careers, 12 talked about their families, stress (11); depression (9); financial issues (9), sadness (4) and panic attack (1),” he said.

The tele-counselling service is a crisis intervention and psychological support service designed to provide support to those who are directly and indirectly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The tele-counselling service is open daily from 8am to 5pm.

Those who wish to receive the tele-counselling service may do so by scanning a QR code provided in the JKMS Rehabilitation and Legislation Division official Facebook page (Bahagian Pemulihan dan Perundangan JKM Sarawak) to register, or clicking here.

Alternatively, they can also be reached by calling 082-514141.