Wednesday, March 3

Aidilfitri endures in Kuching (Video)


KUCHING: None of us could have imagined celebrating Hari Raya under the circumstances we are in today, where it is now incumbent upon us to adjust to the so-called ‘new norm’.

But whatever the ‘new norm’ may cost us, the meaning of Aidilfitri and the joy it brings will forever be unchanged.

Borneo Post Online has put together a video to capture the mood of Aidilfitri in Kuching this year, which is one we would certainly remember for a long time.

Indeed, it will not look as festive as in the past with the people now urged not to make their ‘balik kampung’ trips, with open houses prohibited, with face masks becoming an essential item and with social-distancing the order of the day.

Sarawakians, however, appear to have accepted that they must do their part, not just to protect themselves but those around them too from the viral threat.

Certainly, these unusual times demand that we all make sacrifices to win the war against the virus and for that, we must stay the course together.

Borneo Post Online wishes all Muslims, ‘Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf, zahir dan batin.’