Wednesday, July 8

Alexander Nanta: KPDNHEP officers carrying out enforcement per normal despite false accusations


Nanta (second right) and Minos (first left) inspect the stalls at the market. Photo by Roystein Emmor

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi denies there were enforcement officers from the ministry who did not enforce the ongoing Festive Season Maximum Price Control Scheme (SHMMP).

He said the fact that KPDNHEP enforcement officers had inspected 17,496 traders nationwide since the enforcement of the SHMMP on May 20 until yesterday (May 28) showed they indeed went to the ground and performed their job.

He revealed KPDNHEP recorded 48 cases of non compliance to the SHMMP during the eight-day duration, received 22 complaints, seized RM10,448.70 worth of items and issued RM118,000 in compounds to the errant traders.

According to him again, 17 of the cases were for selling price-controlled items beyond the ceiling price and 31 others for not displaying price tags.

Although none of the cases were recorded in Sarawak, he assured the KPDNHEP are still on the ground to make sure there are no offences committed during the Gawai Dayak season.

“There are accusations that KPDNHEP enforcement did not monitor the traders. I also received complaints that KPDNHEP did not go to the ground. That is not right, they are on the move and monitor the compliance to the scheme including in Kapit (where Nanta comes from).

“That’s how they managed to inspect many traders and issued many compounds,” he told reporters after a walkabout at Bandar Riyal wet market in Kota Samarahan today.

He also said it is not hard to comply with the scheme, and he commended traders in Sarawak for their high compliance level.

He revealed that during today’s walkabout, he had even come across traders who sold standard chicken at
RM7.80 per kg – well below the ceiling price of RM8.50 per kg.

“This shows they did not unreasonably hike up the price for quick profits despite growing demand for this item,” he added.

He also said he was impressed with the market for being clean and orderly, and also praised Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) and the traders for adhering with the standard operating procedurea (SOPs) laid down for the current Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period.

Also present during the walkabout were MPKS chairman Dato Peter Minos and senior government officers from Samarahan.