Sunday, September 27

Author complains about police remand over death threats he didn’t make


Nelson (centre) holding a copy of his complaint with Suhakam’s Jasmih Slamat.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabahan author Nelson Dino yesterday lodged a formal complaint with the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) over how police handled his remand earlier this week.

Nelson, who is also an art activist, was recently remanded after a police report was lodged by a businessman, who claimed to have received death threats on Facebook.

Unfortunately, the Facebook account with the name of “Morres Malampo” used Nelson’s picture believed to have been cropped from an old post in his blog.

“I am referring to a news report in New Straits Times, saying that I was remanded because a police report was made against me.

“I want to make an explanation that the police report was not lodged against me, but to ‘Morres Malampo’, a Facebook user who is using my picture without my permission. I have nothing to do with that Facebook account, or person behind it, direct or indirectly.

“I even lodged a police report in Alam Mesra police station on June 7 at 6.05 pm to clear my name and also my credibility as an author.

“However during my remand, the investigation team asked me several times about how and why my picture was taken by ‘Morres Malampo’ in Facebook.

“I said it is impossible for me to know what other people think, especially when everyone can access and read my blog. That is why I lodged a formal complaint with Suhakam, as I felt abused when I am supposed to be protected but I became the suspect instead,” said Nelson in a statement yesterday.

He also urged the police and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to immediately investigate the real person behind ‘Morres Malampo’ Facebook account.

Nelson said that as of press time, he had not received any development on the investigation while he was remanded for two days to assist in the investigation.