Wednesday, July 6

JCI KK provides disinfection service


JCI Kota Kinabalu helped disinfect premises for blood donation campaigns.

KOTA KINABALU: Due to the pandemic crisis of Covid19, it has affected most people’s living lifestyle.

During the CMCO, JCI Kota Kinabalu concerned about community’s well-being where it provided disinfection service for those shop lot owners who resume their business operation as “we know disinfection must not be neglected to prevent from Covid19 or any harmful virus”.

Therefore, JCI Kota Kinabalu organized an impactful project “Zero Virus!” in collaboration with SMASK to provide disinfection service to vulnerable groups in need.

SMASK disinfection company is a company with Singapore disinfection certification.

Jason Boon, SMASK director, he is a new member of JCI Kota Kinabalu which he has joined the organization about six months.

He took up the initiative to cooperate with JCI Kota Kinabalu to provide the disinfection service to the needed groups.

“The power of a chopstick is weak, but the power of a bundle of chopsticks can be very strong,” said Jason.

He meant the strength of JCI Kota Kinabalu has a strong team to reach out to those parties in need for the disinfection service.

“Zero Virus!” project started from May 1 to 31.

Some Homes have received our disinfection service included Sabah Cheshire Home, Persatuan Pengurusan Pusat Jagaan OKU Leshan Kota Kinabalu, Bethany Home, Grace Old Folks which has more than 500 children, disable persons and senior citizens who are staying inside the Homes.”

Since government has loosened up the CMCO rules and restrictions, some of the schools are concerned about their protective measures for their surrounding.

Some of the church and kindergarten contacted us to carry out disinfection work such as Le Yu Kintergarten and Basel Church Manggatal.

“We wish our community has safeguarded and protected from any harmful virus and that is the reason we are organizing ‘Zero Virus!’ project to ensure the disinfection knowledge and service to be delivered to the community,” said organising chairlady Irene Chong.

During the Control Movement Order (CMO), due to the Covid19 pandemic, the hospitals are facing short supply in their blood bank.

JCI Kota Kinabalu has considered the concern from the public, provided disinfection service to the premises which held blood donation campaign such as Malaysian Red Crescent Society and St. Michael Church Penampang and Sai Baba Centre.

“This is to ensure the premises are available for people to have blood donation for the sake of contribution to the society without any worries safeguard from any virus.