Fisherman wants missing lighting on buoy replaced


Photo taken by Abdul Hamid shows the buoy without its lighting equipment.

MIRI: A local fisherman is calling on the relevant authority to replace the missing lighting equipment on a buoy which serves as a guide for boats and vessels to enter the Kuala Baram river mouth from the seafront.

Abdul Hamid Hassan said the lack of lighting poses a safety hazard for fishermen at night, who risk knocking into buoy when entering the river mouth.

“I was returning back from catching fish at Batu 2 Lutong early this morning (yesterday) when it was still dark, and saw the buoy is still without any lighting equipment on it.

“I hope the authority concerned can immediately instal the necessary lighting to avoid trawlers knocking into the buoy,” he said, adding that many fishermen had related to him their close-calls with the device.