Saturday, February 27

Health Dept announces Flying Doctor schedule for June


KUCHING: The state Health Department yesterday announced its latest Flying Doctor Service (PDU) schedule for Samarahan, Miri and Kapit divisions for the current month.

The state PDU team is expected in Plaie Atas and Pendawan on June 22, SRK Tuba Tengah (June 23) and Muding (June 24), in the Samarahan Division, and all in the morning except Pendawan and SRK Tuba Tengah in the afternoon.

In Miri, similar services have been lined up at Long Sait on June 22, Ba’ Data Bila (June 23), Ba’ Ajeng (June 24) and Long Kawi (June 26).

All these planned sessions are to be carried out in the morning.

The PDU will also be expected at Rh. Tedong on June 22, Long Unai (June 23), Long Jawe and Long Kebuho/Naha Jalei (June 24) and Sang Anau (June 25), all in Kapit.

All sessions scheduled for the Kapit Division will be conducted in the morning except Long Kebuho/Naha Jalei in the afternoon.

Further information and enquiries can be obtained from Primary Care Unit senior assistant medical officer Sem Baling at 082-473268 or 016-572 5040.