Monday, October 26

Upskilling for a post-Covid-19 workplace


TO better adapt to the rapidly changing work environment resulting from advancement in digital technology, youths need to upskill themselves constantly.

Although upskilling – the process of learning additional skills – is usually provided by employers, youths who work for others or run their own businesses must now take the initiative to improve themselves, more so in preparation for an unpredictable future brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

By accumulating various skills in different areas, youths can boost their employability, open themselves up to new opportunities, expand their network, future-proof their careers, and even discover new passions.

Following encouraging responses from past sessions, StartupMalaysia is organising another session of SPARK X that is set to take place on June 26-28 from 9am to 4.30pm.

Sponsored by Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad (MavCap), the three-day virtual upskilling programme targets young Malaysians aged 18 to 25 with the aim to equip them with basic skills for their jobs or businesses in the digital era.

These skills are covered in three topics: Basics of Design Thinking, Basics of Building a Website, and Basics of Communication and Digital Marketing with Social Media.

Based on the skills they have learnt, participants in the programme will work in teams of three to identify, analyse, and decide on an idea that will be their basis in developing a social media plan and building a website.

Through SPARK X, StartupMalaysia and MavCap believe that participants will be able to:

• Make themselves more employable by offering employers useful additional skills and tools.

• Consider starting their own small venture using the website and social media as a marketing platform.

• Offer basic website management services to small businesses to supplement their income.

“Areas such as design thinking, programming, and marketing in the digital age are particularly relevant and timely during this global Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen digital solutions and innovative businesses come to the forefront in a very significant way,” said MavCap acting chief executive officer Shahril Anas in a statement on the upskilling programme.

“(These skills) will help young Malaysians supplement their income during this challenging period, and, furthermore, these are valuable skills that they will be able to build on to grow their capabilities over the long term.”

SPARK X is a free online upskilling programme and is open to all Malaysian citizens between 18 and 25, irrespective of employment status. If you are interested to join the programme, visit

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