Wednesday, November 29

Search continues for crocodile attack victim


Villagers volunteered to help in the SAR operation.

BELURAN: The Search and Rescue (SAR) operation to look for a 62-year-old woman who was last seen attacked by a crocodile in Sungai Sugut (Sugut River), Kampung Banang, Paitan here on Wednesday night at about 6 pm is still on-going as of press time, yesterday.

The victim, Peredot Kanon, was last seen by her daughter when they were taking a bath in Sugut River, about 200 metres from their home here.

Her daughter, Noraliana Nunun, who witnessed the incident said that Peredot was attacked by a crocodile.

She tried to save her mother but failed, and she had returned home to inform her father of the incident.

According to Beluran District Police Chief, Superintendent Kasim Muda, the police had received information on the case on June 24 (Wednesday) at about 9.36 pm.

“According to the witness (victim’s daughter) they were taking a bath when the incident happened so quickly.

Upon receiving the information, a group of police personnel from Terusan Sugut Police Station had launched an SAR Operation with the Beluran Fire and Rescue Department and the Civil Defence Force,” he said.

The operation is conducted by four Beluran Fire and Rescue Department personnel, two police personnel, five Civil Defence Force personnel from Pitas, and volunteers among the villagers here.

Meanwhile, four personnel from Sabah Wildlife Department had set up a crocodile trap on Thursday near the location where the victim was seen attacked.