Friday, January 22

Court rules man of unsound mind, acquits him of murdering elderly woman


One of Bandang’s lawyers speaks to him at the court yesterday.

KUCHING: The High Court here yesterday acquitted and discharged a man from the charge of murdering an elderly woman at a longhouse in Roban, Saratok after finding that he was of unsound mind when he committed the act in 2018.

Judge Supang Lian ordered Bandang Langu, 60, to undergo mental rehabilitation at Sentosa Hospital here, and for his case to be referred to the Yang di-Pertua Negeri for further instructions.

“Based on observations, the accused was unaware and unable to judge that his action was wrong. Therefore, the accused is to be released under Section 347 of the Criminal Procedure Code on grounds of mental disorder.

“The accused is also ordered to be detained at Sentosa Hospital here under Section 348 of the Criminal Procedure Code to undergo mental rehabilitation as well as to prevent him from causing further harm to others,” said the judge when delivering her decision.

Bandang was charged with killing Gelingi Ngaing, 76, in Room No. 5, Rumah Lumpoh, between 2pm and 3pm on July 25, 2018 by slashing her on the neck with a machete and severing her head.

It was claimed that he took away the severed head and torched it together with a motorcycle at the intersection of the longhouse.

He was charged with murder on March 21 last year under Section 302 of the Penal Code, but no plea was recorded from him at the time.

DPP Ronnie Entili appeared for the prosecution yesterday while the accused was represented by counsels Abdul Rahman Mohd Hazmi and Christopher Bada.