Tuesday, March 28

RoS: Registered societies in Sarawak can now hold AGM, conferences if they follow SOP


Georgina Apphia Ngau

KUCHING: All registered societies (organisation, associations and political parties) in Sarawak can now hold conferences and general meetings starting today (July 1), but they must adhere strictly to the latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) produced by the Registrar of Societies (RoS).

RoS Sarawak director Georgina Apphia Ngau said the department had come up with the SOP which specifies actions to be taken before, during and after a conference or general meeting, and also explains the activities which are allowed and disallowed.

According to Georgina, the conference or general meeting can take place if the number of attendees, including those in the secretariat, numbered not more than 250 people in the hall.

“Yes (the SOP is applicable in Sarawak), specifically applicable to societies registered with RoS,” she said when contacted today.

She also said societies who expect 250 people or more in attendance are required to write in to the RoS and send in an application and recommendations on how they will carry out the conference or general meeting.

“They need to explain how they are going to carry out the AGM with more than 250 people, such as using an online application. We will then bring it to MKN’s (National Security Council) attention for comments and approval,” she said, adding there have been enquiries by some societies on this matter.

Meanwhile, RoS headquarters in Putrajaya issued a statement yesterday evening regarding the SOP for conferences or general meetings which was approved by a special ministers’ meeting on June 22.

It also said the same SOP is also applicable for seminars, courses, workshops or training carried out by societies registered under the RoS.

“The RoS, a government department which regulates all registered societies in Malaysia, would like to inform that all registered societies can now hold conferences or general meetings as well as holding activities related to the management of the societies. All these activities must strictly adhere to the SOP,” it said.

It added the SOP can be found on the websites of MKN and RoS, as well as on the RoS’ official social media platforms.

The SOP, amongst others, stated that the holding of the conference or general meeting must be in accordance to the Societies Act 1966 (Act 335) and the societies’ respective constitution.

The society involved must set up a screening centre at the entrance of the venue, to check on number of attendees and to record body temperatures.

Those with body temperatures above 37.5 Celsius, or showing symptoms, must not be allowed in.

Hand sanitisers must be provided at the screening centres, while social distancing of one metre must be observed among those lining up to be screened.

The organisers must also make sure there is a QR Code for attendees to scan using the MySejahtera app, while those not using smartphones must be recorded manually.

Everyone in attendance including members of the organising committee and secretariat, speakers and attendees must always wear face masks during duration of the conference/ general meeting.

The hall or venue selected for that event must be cleaned and disinfected before and after the conference/ genera meeting, and it must also have good ventilation system.

The seating arrangement for attendees must be arranged according to social distancing norms of one metre, and the attendees must obey the 3Ws (wash hands, wearing face mask and warning adherence) and avoid the 3Cs (close conversation, confined spaces and crowded spaces).

Food at the venue must be prepared on separate plates or packed foods, or to be served by an assigned person during a buffet.

The number of attendees must be 250 people or less depending on the space capacity of the venue, and those who are categorised as patients-under-investigation (PUI) or patients-under-surveillance (PUS) are not allowed to attend.