Saturday, August 15

Productive things to do during breaks from job-searching


JOB-searching can be an arduous and stressful process.

Not only does it involve finding vacancies, sending out resumes, and attending interviews, but it also requires conducting research, securing interviews, and following up on job applications.

It is always good to take a pause from the process from time to time. When you make use of that break productively, it will also enable you to develop your skillsets, reduce your job search anxiety, and learn more about yourself.

The question then is what kind of activities you can do during your time away from the job search process.

As mentioned, you can take advantage of that period to revise and improve your resume, sharpen your interview skills, and seek career advice.

You can also enhance your employability by enrolling in classes, taking up temporary jobs, participating in networking events, and developing your personal brand online.

Thinking of doing something that does not directly involve job-searching? Here are a few ideas to consider.



The benefits of volunteering in boosting your employability are numerous.

Among others, it enables you to learn and hone skills that can be useful in your future employment, expand your network through your encounters with new people, and give you a topic of discussion for your job interviews.

Getting involved in your community might also help demonstrate who you are as an individual to potential employers: that you are passionate about issues that matter to you; that you care about helping others; and that you have the capability and integrity to get the job done.


Pursue a hobby

Taking up a hobby or two might uncover a new aspect of yourself and even lead to establishing a new network.

Most importantly, your hobby helps to keep your mind preoccupied from the pressure of the job searching process.

There are many activities you can pursue as a hobby; some of which have their own clubs or dedicated online forums. They can come from areas of arts, sports, games, and do-it-yourself, among others.


Do some self-care

Your time away from the job search process is the best opportunity to give yourself some tender loving care.

By focusing on your health during your break, you can evaluate and improve your current physical, mental, and emotional well-being before you return to the process.

You should also consider adopting self-care activities in your daily routine once you have finally found a job to ensure that you are able to maintain good health.

Examples of these activities include exercising regularly, maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet, spending time with family and friends, and having quality sleep.

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