Sunday, October 24

Youths must be bold in giving constructive criticism for good of country, says Ling


MIRI: Youths must take an interest in the country’s political development and be courageous in making their voices heard for the good of the nation, said Senator Alan Ling.

“We need young people who can boldly give constructive criticism for the progress and prosperity of the country in order for Malaysia to remain competitive and become a top world-class nation,” he said when met after an interview conducted by two students at his office recently.

Ling, who is Pakatan Harapan Sarawak secretary, was queried by the students on economics, job opportunities, education and other issues relating to youths.

Ling (centre) poses with SMK Baru Miri students Nursyafiqah Jurimiee, 17, (left) and Felix Santap, 18, following the interview.

He spoke on the #MalaysiaKerja initiative rolled out in the 2020 Budget which aims at creating better employment opportunities for youths and women, thereby reducing dependence on low-skilled foreign workers.

“Although it is a Pakatan Harapan government initiative, I hope and am confident that this good initiative will be continued by the current administration, and that efforts be enhanced for the fate of unemployed graduates and women,” he said.

He said with the future of the country in the hands of today’s younger generation, the government must invest in education and skills developments to produce future leaders and a quality workforce.