Monday, November 29

Tugboat, barge without registration cert impounded


MIRI: The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) impounded a tugboat and barge here yesterday morning after its crew failed to produce a certificate of registration.

MMEA state director First Admiral (M) Robert Teh in a statement said the tugboat was pulling the barge about 10 nautical miles from the Miri River estuary around 3.30am when a patrol team flagged it for inspection.

“Upon examination, those on board failed to produce the Certificate of Registration. However, the crew, comprising three locals, an Indian national and an Indonesian national, all had complete identification documents.

The tugboat and barge detained by MMEA for not having a certificate of registration.

“The tugboat and barge were then escorted to Miri anchorage area for further investigation under the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952,” he said.

Teh said MMEA will continue to increase enforcement in the country’s waters and called on the maritime community to assist in fighting crime at sea by channelling information to the agency.

He also advised those heading out to sea to maintain personal safety and that of their property, due to recent sea turbulence and poor weather conditions.

Complaints, feedback and reports of emergency at sea can be forwarded to MMEA Miri operations centre on 085-418204 or the MMEA state operations centre on 082-432544.