Tuesday, July 5

Excavation works make parents worry about safety of their children


The slope near St Columba schools where a contractor is carrying out excavation works.

MIRI: Parents whose children are students at SK St Columba and SMK St Columba here are worried of their children’s safety following the excavation works carried out by an unknown contractor near the two schools.

SMK St Columba Parent-Teacher (PTA) chairman councillor Karambir Singh when contacted yesterday said many parents had voiced their concern over the safety of their children, especially those who are in the primary school who will resume classes tomorrow (July 23).

“I have received a lot of complaints from the parents about the excavation work on a state land which is situated next to SK St Columba.

“It is a steep slope and they are worried of possible landslide especially during heavy rains,” he said.

Karambir, who is a councillor with Miri City Council (MCC), said the footpath leading to the primary school and handrail had been demolished by the contractor carrying out the excavation works.

He added that a team of enforcement officers from MCC had gone to the site earlier yesterday and put tapes along the footpath to stop the work, but later on found that the tapes had been removed.

Karambir also questioned the contactor for carrying out such work without informing the school and applying for permit from MCC.