Sunday, September 27

Wong says SUPP central has no objection for him to stand in Dudong in next state polls


SUPP Dudong branch party leaders display the new signboard about to be mounted.

SIBU: Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) Dudong branch chairman Wong Ching Yong said the party central had no objection on the proposal that he be fielded as the candidate for the constituency in the next state election.

According to Wong, the party central had already submitted his name to Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) last April and they were now waiting for confirmation.

“The seat, being a traditional SUPP seat, I do not see any reason why GPS will not consent to the recommendations from SUPP party central,” he said after witnessing the mounting of SUPP Dudong branch signboard at its office at Jalan Aman, here this morning.

Among those who attended the ceremony were SUPP advisor Datuk Dr Soon Choon Teck and SUPP Bukit Assek branch chairman Datuk Chieng Buong Toon.

On rumours that Progressive Democratic Party (PDP} also intended to field a candidate to contest in the Dudong constituency, Wong said it was not for him to comment as it was up to any party to contest in the election.

In the event that it happened, he said both parties, being the component parties of GPS, must agree to come up with an amicable formula to settle the issue.

“Still, I believe there will not be any issue arising from there,” he added.

Earlier, Wong said the mounting of SUPP Dudong branch signboard was the third time since 2007.

He said the signboard was installed for the first time in 2007 before it was dismantled by Sibu Municipal Council on Oct 28, 2009 following differences and disputes between two SUPP factions.

The SUPP Dudong branch signboard was mounted for the second time after the party president launched the formation of Dudong branch in 2014.

“Today marks another milestone for SUPP Dudong branch as we install the signboard for the third time to add in the word `GPS’ and also because the wordings of the previous signboard was fading,” he added.