Tuesday, December 1

New Gasak party wants to contest in all 82 seats in next state election


Bobby (seated, third left) and Soo (seated, third right) show the logo to be submitted by Gasak.

KUCHING: Newly-formed political alliance Gabungan Anak Sarawak (Gasak) plans to contest in all 82 seats in the next state election.

In a press conference today to announce and reveal the alliance’s logo, Gasak protem president Bobby William also announced some of the candidates to be fielded.

He said he will contest in Senadin, while protem chairperson Lina Soo will contest in Padungan.

He also said protem secretary Buln Ribos will contest in Serembu, protem committee member and former Pujut assemblyman Fong Pau Tech will have another go in Pujut while protem treasurer Alex Leong will be fielded in one of the seats in Kuching.

Gasak is an alliance comprises of local based political groups namely parties Sarawak People’s Aspiration Party (Aspirasi) and Sarawak Workers’ Party (SWP), leaders from deregistered Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDSB) and leaders of Sarawak for Sarawakians (S4S) and Sarawak Independence Alliance (SIA).

“Gasak’s stand as a political alliance is independence for Sarawak through the referendum process,” Bobby said.

“We want to send as many representatives from Gasak to the DUN (State Legislative Assembly) in this next state election.

“We believe Sarawak DUN is a very powerful place to make a decision for the future of Sarawak,” said Bobby, who is also president of the deregistered PBDSB.

To a question, he said Gasak has applied with the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to be registered as a political entity to enable it to contest under one logo.

He explained the logo chosen for Gasak is based on the the Iban traditional motif called ‘Bungai Terong’, with a spiral in centre known as ‘Tali Nyawa’.

“This symbolises new beginning and hope for Anak Sarawak,” he said, adding the logo will be submitted on Monday (Aug 3).

In the event Gasak could not be registered in time for the state election, he said candidates from PBDSB, S4S and SIA will contest using either the Aspirasi or SWP logo.

Meanwhile, Soo, who is also Aspirasi president, said that a referendum is the core policy goal and political agenda in the 12th state election.

“With representation in the Sarawak State Assembly, we can pursue the Sarawak referendum to direct the state government to make the referendum constitutional.

“We leave it to the rakyat (people) to decide,” she said.